It's Time for Peace to Reign

About Honor-a-Veteran.org

Why Honor-a-Veteran?

photo by DVIDSHUB
Because we appreciate your sacrifice
and because you and your families matter.

Because the sacrifice matters - and is not forgotten or left unappreciated. Because we care about our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. Because YOU matter to US!

For many, war continues to rage within them long after the conflict is over. There is a sense of hopelessness and defeat that infiltrates and degrades the very fabric of societies into which veterans return. Energy veterans might have spent building up and supporting their communities is all too often instead wasted away in drug and alcohol abuse, or destroyed in suicide.

That's unacceptable to us. And we're willing to step up and do something constructive about it!

Practitioners listed on this web site see hopelessness replaced with vision, defeat replaced with joy and enthusiasm, and positive energy returned to communities in which veterans live and continue to serve.

The war is over - it's time for peace to reign!

Who Are We?

Honor-a-Veteran.org offers veterans and their families a directory of eclectic mind/body practitioners concerned about the welfare of US veterans and families. It is not the intention of this web site to debate the correctness of the wars that affect veterans and their families. We care about the human beings involved. From front-line troops to support element troops to their families at home, we care about them all.

Billions of dollars are spent each year for "alternative" and "complementary" healing services known as mind/body healing. The reason: it's effective! Practitioners listed in our Practitioner Directory offer many years of experience in mind/body holistic healing.

Because we believe in a holistic approach to healing, we seek to heal the whole person and the systems in which they operate - their environments, their families.

It is our intent to spread peace through healing. It's time for peace to reign!