It's Time for Peace to Reign

For Practitioners

Dear Practitioner,

"I watched as the rage within him exited his body and mind. Light filled him. He called to thank me today. He spoke through tears of joy." (Caroline, Reiki Master)

The intent of Honor-a-Veteran.org is to provide military families access to mind/body health practitioners to help soothe and heal the wounds of war.

If you are a mind/body worker willing to donate one or more sessions to one or more deserving military families, we want you!

Philosophy and Guidelines

Honor-a-Veteran.org (HaV) focuses on the mind/body needs of military personnel and their families. Practitioners listed in the Practitioner Directory offer a range of mind/body services to spouses, children, parents, siblings, extended family members, and unmarried partners of US veterans.

Those seeking services may be unfamiliar with your form(s) of mind/body therapy. Therefore, we recommend that you describe your service(s) in some detail. PLEASE - no hype or marketing jargon - keep it honest, straight-forward, and accurate. Potential clients might also want to know:

"The RET session I received helped me let go of the demons that haunted me for months after returning to the States. Halelujah, I'm coming back!" (Tom, USA)

While the standard within the mind/body community is to meet with the client in the practitioner’s office, we recognize that this may not be feasible for some individuals. We encourage the use of telephone support in those situations where the individual is unable to meet in person with the practitioner. We understand that therapists and counselors will need to rely on their professional judgment to determine when such contact may be insufficient to meet the individual’s mind/body needs.

Expectations & Terms of Service


You have generously agreed to provide one or more sessions of meaningful mind/body healing at no charge to a veteran or family member of a veteran during a minimum period of one year. We understand that extraordinary situations may arise that could prevent you from honoring your commitment. We ask that you contact us directly if such circumstances arise. During your year in our directory, you may work with one individual or you may see a series of visitors (clients). You may wish to offer HaV referred clients special discounts on therapy packages - please honor your commitment to provide at least one session free of any charge. This depends on the specific situations you encounter.

The service you provide should be conducted in your office or on the phone. We expect you to keep in mind that HaV is a nonpolitical organization whose mission is to assist these veterans and their families as they cope with the effects of deployment and combat.

Terms of Service

You warrant that you are a trained and experienced practitioner of the mind/body healing modalities you offer and that you are in compliance with all pertinent laws and ordinances in the state in which you are practicing.

You warrant that you provide mind/body services in areas that you are qualified to practice - and make no unsubstantiated claims concerning such.

The owners of Honor-a-Veteran.org disclaim all warranties and liabilities regarding practitioners in its practitioner directory. Honor a Veteran does not prescreen or judge the efficacy of practitioners or their healing modalities. We expect practitioners to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that their relationship with their client(s) is a safe and successful one.

Begin by registering your practice by clicking here - then click the "Add Your Listing" link at the top of the resulting page.

Important Notes: