It's Time for Peace to Reign

For Veterans and Families

Honor a Veteran (HaV) focuses on the mind/body needs of military personnel and their families.

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It's time to come together in peace and love.

Thank you for visiting Honor-a-Veteran.org. Here you'll find a directory of practitioners who provide critical mind/body services to U.S. troops and their family members. If you are a member of a military family, you are in the right place. Honor a Veteran (HaV) focuses on the mind/body needs of military personnel and their families.

By “family” we mean spouses, children, parents, siblings, extended family members, and unmarried partners of members of the armed forces of the United States who is or has been affected directly or indirectly (through a relationship with someone in the military) by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many of those seeking services may not be familiar with many of the forms of mind/body therapy available today. Therefore, we recommend that practitioners describe their services in some detail for the benefit of those seeking assistance from them.

While the standard within the mind/body community is to meet with the client in the practitioner’s office, we recognize that this may not be feasible for some individuals seeking services from HaV. We encourage the use of telephone support in those situations where the individual is unable to meet in person with the practitioner. We understand that therapists and counselors will need to rely on their professional judgment to determine when such contact may be insufficient to meet the individual’s mind/body needs.

Expectations & Terms of Service


Practitioners listed in our directory have generously agreed to provide at least one session of meaningful mind/body healing at no charge to you. A practitioner may work with one individual or you may see a series of visitors (clients). This will be at the discretion of the practitioner.

The service practitioners provide will be conducted in their own office or on the phone. At this time we are not including internet support.

Terms of Service

In order to receive free mind/body services, you, the visitor/client are responsible for contacting a practitioner in our directory. You may contact as many practitioners as you wish to find one with which you "click." Practitioners have graciously donated their time and expertise to assist you - please do not abuse them by booking multiple sessions with more than one practitioner. If a practitioner chooses to continue with you pro bono, that is his/her choice.

If you are suffering from a physical or mental condition that exceeds the scope of practice, education, or experience of the mind/body practitioner with whom you have contracted for services, the mind/body practitioner may refer you to another competent practitioner or service.

The owners of Honor-a-Veteran.org specifically disclaim all warranties and liabilities regarding practitioners in its practitioner directory. Honor a Veteran does not prescreen or judge the efficacy of practitioners or their healing modalities. We expect practitioners to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your relationship with them is a safe and successful one.